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For THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME 2018 - See Haden's interview here!

Suzi Award Winner: Outstanding Lead Actor / Male (Musical)

"Finally, we come to Haden Rider, who is a revelation to this viewer. He is magnificent... His character’s deformity causes him to limp and to speak in a raspy voice, but when he sings—the beauty of his soaring voice stops you in your tracks and makes the eyes well. To me, he is a miracle of casting because he projects the kindness and gentleness of people who have suffered and understand persecution. I think that Mr. Rider has a stunning future."

Atlanta INTOWN

"...there are few more equipped than Rider to showcase that purity and beauty in song."


"Haden Rider as Quasimodo is simply spectacular, juggling the voice-defect interaction scenes with the full-and-clear singing in his solitary moments, all the while creating a physically demanding character who comes to full-figured life before our eyes."

Atlanta Theatre Buzz

"Haden Rider (Jesus) showcases a vocal range that is incredible. At one moment, he screeches like a 1980's hair band leader. At another, he handles a ballad with sensitivity and truth."

Broadway World: Atlanta

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