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Style. Technique. Concepts.

Haden has been teaching private voice lessons for 7 years. He teaches/coaches a vast
amount of styles including: Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, and Opera. However, like ballet
(being the basis of dance); Haden believes that a classically based method will give more
freedom to a voice and will allow it to achieve its greatest potential. His preferred
method of choice is “Garcia Vocal Method or Garcia Technique”. This technique was
founded by famous Spanish operatic baritone, music educator, and vocal pedagogue--
Manuel Patricio Rodriguez Garcia (whom is also credited with the invention of the first
laryngoscope). This scientific singing technique helps to define what singing actually is,
what is anatomically happening when you sing, and the understanding of the sensation
of how proper singing should “feel”. This technique was introduced to Haden by opera
enthusiast and voice pedagogy/teacher extraordinaire—Bruce Sellers. The technique
will focus heavily on proper breath support, proper body alignment (Alexander
Technique), the importance of resonance through space creation/complete relaxation,
and a thorough understanding of how to sing naturally and effectively without putting
strain on the vocal chords. In relation with proper singing, Haden also strives to assist his
students in finding “their true voice” or “their artistic edge”. Nobody’s voice is perfect,
but that’s the beauty of it! Typically, a singer’s imperfections (usually stemming from
incorrect technique) ultimately highlights what makes them unique. However, in order
for this “true voice” to come through unencumbered and in a healthy manner; they
must first learn Perfect Technique…so that they can then learn how to use their
Imperfect Technique with artistic prowess.

What Students Can Expect To Learn:

  • Understanding of the “Mixed Voice”

  • Increased Power and Control through natural resonance and breath support

  • How to rid tension for Effortless Singing

  • Increase Range and Vocal Agility

  • Daily Vocal Health Regimen

  • How to build a voice that WILL last

  • Sing ANY style in a healthy manner

  • Gain confidence to discover your Artistic Edge

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